About Us


Suzhou Agera Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional research and development enterprise specializing in resistance welding and automation equipment production.

Agera is a national high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Province Professional, refined, special, new enterprise, and private technology enterprise. It has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE certification. With an excellent team for research and development, production, and sales services. Over 20 years of accumulated welding technology experience, the company has successfully applied for 50+ patents for inventions and utility models, served 3,000+ customers, 30,000+ welding cases.

Agera has a complete manufacturing system,modern machines, comprehensive testing center, and quality assurance system, providing reliable service guarantees for customers. The main products is medium-frequency inverter spot welding machines, heavy duty ring projection welding machine. capacitor discharge projection welding machines, AC spot welding machines, integrated hanging spot welding gun, diffusion welding machines, seam welding machines, flash butt welding machines, resistance butt welding machines, automatic slag scraping butt welding machines, as well as various customized automatic spot welding machines, automatic projection welding machines, robotic automatic projection welding systems, intelligent spot welding stations, fully automatic welding production lines, automatic detection equipment, etc. Widely used in automobile industries, electronics and electrical , home appliance , hardware tool manufacturing, and mechanical manufacturing industries.


While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, we also create value
for customers and contribute to the progress and development of society!


Become an internationally leading manufacturer of welding equipment and automation
equipment with core technologies!


Integrity, self-discipline, diligence, altruism, unity of knowledge and Practice


Continuously improve the mentality and ablity of employees and adhere to innovation;
Continuously improve product quality and service, and pursue perfection!