Photovoltaic galvanized tray gantry automatic spot welding machine customization project introduction

The gantry automatic spot welding machine for photovoltaic galvanized trays is a gantry-type automatic spot welding machine for welding galvanized trays developed by Suzhou Agera according to the requirements of customers in the photovoltaic industry. The line only needs one person to operate, basically realizing artificial intelligence. It has the characteristics of high welding efficiency, high pass rate, time saving and labor saving.

CC company, the main product is steel photovoltaic support tray. Enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Steel pallets are widely used in the photovoltaic power generation industry, and the products are radiated in a large area in Northwest China. The previous question was as follows:
Welding efficiency is particularly low: the largest workpiece is composed of 3 long beams and 13 short beams, and each intersection requires four welding points, and manual welding is labor-intensive.
Welding stability is poor: the workpiece itself is galvanized, and the welding stability has been improved to a higher level. During the welding process, it is easy to stick to the electrode. It takes a long time to repair the mold electrode. If the mold is not repaired, it will cause poor welding.
The fastness is poor in appearance: the solder joints are seriously blackened, and there are phenomena such as burn-through.

2. Customers have high requirements for equipment
CC found us online on September 10, 2018, discussed with our sales engineer and wanted to customize a welding machine with the following requirements:
1. Improve the efficiency of welding;
2. The welding efficiency is required to be increased by 100% on the original basis;
3. The qualified rate of appearance should be increased by 70% on the original basis;
4. Solve the problem of welding instability;
According to the customer’s request, the existing production method cannot be realized at all, what should I do?
Photovoltaic galvanized tray sample

3. According to customer needs, research and develop customized photovoltaic galvanized tray gantry automatic spot welding machine
According to the various requirements put forward by customers, the company’s R&D department, welding technology department, and sales department jointly held a new project research and development meeting to discuss technology, fixtures, structures, feeding methods, configurations, list key risk points, and make one by one. The solution was identified, the basic direction and technical details were determined.
According to the above requirements, we have basically determined the plan, manual loading and unloading of equipment, automatic mobile welding, the whole line only needs one person to operate online, basically realizing artificial intelligence.

1. Workpiece proofing test: Anjia welding technologist made a simple fixture for proofing at the fastest speed, and used our existing intermediate frequency welding machine for proofing test. After 5 days of back-and-forth testing and pull-out testing by both parties, it is basically confirmed. Welding parameters and welding equipment process;
2. Equipment selection: R&D engineers and welding technologists communicated together and calculated the selection power according to customer requirements, and finally confirmed it as ADB-160;
3. The stability of the equipment is good: our company adopts all “imported configuration” of core components;
4. Advantages of automatic spot welding machine:
1) The welding efficiency is high, which is twice that of the original equipment: the equipment uses a double-station assembly welding mode, which greatly saves the waiting time of workers, improves the utilization rate of the equipment, and increases the welding efficiency by 100%;
2) Technological innovation, no need to grind after welding, saving time and labor: the equipment adopts spot welding process instead of arc welding process, no need to grind after welding, which ensures welding strength and reduces post-process processing, saving time and labor;
3) Intelligent control, convenient and fast, one machine is compatible with welding of all products: the equipment uses a gantry mechanism to match multiple welding heads to ensure rigidity and is compatible with all product welding at the same time, the welding head and welding points are selected by the operation interface, and production is changed very convenient;
4) The precision after welding is high, and the pass rate of the product reaches 100%: the equipment adopts composite tooling, and the workpiece adopts one-time clamping and positioning to ensure the overall precision after welding and ensure that the pass rate of the outer dimension of the pallet after welding is 100%;
5) The equipment has a data storage function: the electrical parameters of welding are detected and recorded, and can be uploaded to the factory MES system to collect information for the factory’s IoT control.
Photovoltaic Galvanized Tray Gantry Automatic Spot Welding Machine

Photovoltaic Galvanized Tray Gantry Automatic Spot Welding Machine

5. Delivery time: 40 working days.
Agera discussed the above technical solutions, details and CC one after another, and finally the two parties reached an agreement and signed the “Technical Agreement”, which was used as the standard for equipment R&D, design, manufacturing and acceptance, because our meticulousness moved the customer, and in September 2018 On the 20th, an order agreement was reached with CC Company.

4. Rapid design production capacity and professional after-sales service are highly recognized by customers
After confirming the equipment technology agreement and signing the contract, Agera’s project manager held the production project start-up meeting immediately, and determined the time nodes of mechanical design, electrical design, machining, purchased parts, assembly, joint debugging and customer’s pre-acceptance at the factory , rectification, general inspection and delivery time, and through the ERP system orderly dispatch work orders of each department, supervise and follow up the work progress of each department.
After 40 working days in a flash, the CC customized galvanized pallet gantry automatic spot welding machine has passed the aging test and has been completed. After our professional after-sales service, we have undergone 3 days and 3 nights of installation and commissioning and technical, operation and maintenance training at the customer site. It has been put into production normally and has all reached the customer’s acceptance criteria. CC company is very satisfied with the actual production and welding effect of the galvanized pallet gantry automatic spot welding machine, and helped them solve the problem of welding yield, improve welding efficiency, and save labor, and gave us high recognition and praise!
ustomer site map

Customer site map
5. Meeting your customization requirements is Anjia’s growth mission!
Customers are our mentors, what material do you need to weld? What welding process do you need? What welding requirements? Need fully automatic, semi-automatic, workstation, or assembly line? Even if you ask, Anjia can “develop and customize” for you.

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