“Charming women, happy women” – Agera Goddess Festival special event

In this season when spring returns to the earth and the grass grows and warblers fly, another “March 8th National Working Women’s Day” is coming. In the past year, the goddesses of Agera have carried forward the trend of “women don’t let their eyebrows go”, and with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, they have worked hard and sweated in their ordinary posts, writing a new chapter of Agera’s development.


To commemorate this festival, let the goddess Agera enjoy the happiness and joy of being a goddess. The HR and Administration Department of the company specially held the activity of “Charming Women, Happy Heroines” to celebrate this special festival.


Well-arranged goddess exclusive venue




The most beautiful flower, send the best self 

The event came to an end in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. I wish the goddess Agera to have flowers in her hands, light in her eyes, love in her heart, self-confidence, openness, contentment and progress in the future.

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Post time: Mar-08-2023