Production Process Requirements for Medium Frequency Spot Welding Machines

The production process of medium frequency spot welding machines is divided into pre-production and production stages. Before production, first check if there are any abnormalities in the appearance of the equipment and ensure the safety of the production site. Then, follow these steps:

IF inverter spot welder

Turn on the main power control switch and power on.

Check if the cooling water is flowing smoothly and if there are any leaks in the electrode heads or other parts.

Turn on the gas supply switch and check if the air pressure is normal (pressure gauge indicating between 0.3MPa and 0.35MPa) and if there are any air leaks in the pipes.

Turn on the power switch of the welding machine control box and check if all indicators on the display screen are normal and if all switches are in the correct positions.

Check if the upper and lower electrode heads are blackened or worn, and polish them promptly with the specified tools (fine files or sandpaper).

Perform initial welding (test plates or samples) and submit them for inspection. Production cannot proceed without approval from the inspector.

During production, the following should be noted:

If the equipment supervisor or inspector requests a shutdown, the machine should be stopped immediately.

Operators should inspect the appearance of the welds. If there are defects such as splashing, blackening, or abnormal pressure marks, the machine should be stopped immediately, and the inspector should be notified.

Regularly check if the upper and lower electrode heads are blackened or worn, and promptly polish them with the specified tools (fine files or sandpaper).

If the equipment produces abnormal noises, fails to weld, or if the foot switch does not work, the machine should be stopped immediately, the power should be turned off, and the equipment maintenance personnel should be notified.

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