Top-rated Spot Puller Welder: Get High-Quality Repairs with Our Reliable Machine

Introducing the Spot Puller Welder, the latest high-quality product from Agera Automation Equipment Limited Company, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of welding machines in China. Our factory has produced innovative welding equipment for over a decade, and the Spot Puller Welder is no exception. This welder is designed to weld and pull simultaneously, allowing for precision and efficiency in spot welding applications. Its compact size and portability make it an ideal choice for automotive repair shops, DIY enthusiasts, and industrial workshops. With a versatile range of features including adjustable welding time, electrode pressure, and electrode length, the Spot Puller Welder can be tailored to fit your specific welding needs. Whether you're working with thin or thick metals, the Spot Puller Welder can produce high-quality welds with its low-heat output, preventing warping and reducing stress on the welded material. At Agera Automation Equipment Limited Company, we pride ourselves on producing reliable and durable equipment that meets the needs of our customers. The Spot Puller Welder is backed by our commitment to provide exceptional products and exceptional service. Choose the Spot Puller Welder for all your spot welding needs.

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