Microwave ovens projection welding line customization project introduction

The fully automatic spot welding production line for microwave oven casings is for welding various parts of microwave oven casings. It is tailored according to customer requirements and realizes automatic loading and unloading. One line needs 15 energy storage projection welding equipment. Fully automatic welding, only 2 workers are online, which saves 12 manpower for customers, improves production efficiency by 40%, and realizes fully automatic production and artificial intelligence of the whole line.

1. Customer background and pain points
Tianjin LG company mainly produces home appliances: air conditioners, microwave ovens, and is an well known Korean-funded enterprise. The original projection welding machine was manually assembled, loading and unloading welding, and gradually encountered problems such as low efficiency, unstable quality, high staff wages, and poor management of personnel. Now it is necessary to use a fully automatic microwave oven projection welding machine production line to replace the current one. manual production line.

2. Customers have high requirements for equipment
According to the product characteristics and past experience, after discussing with our sales engineers, the following requirements are put forward for the new customized equipment:
A. The whole line equipment is customized to realize automatic loading and unloading. One line needs 15 sets of equipment, and the whole line is required to be fully automatic welding, and only 2 people are online;
b. Welding and assembly of each part of the products that meet LG’s CAVRTY ASSY;

Microwave Product Portfolio
Microwave Product Portfolio

c. The delivery time of the equipment is within 50 days;
d. The workpiece realizes multi-point projection welding, and the requirements after welding: the size of the parts cannot be out of tolerance, the appearance is smooth, the strength of the solder joints is uniform, and the overlapping seam is small;
e. Production line beat: 13S/pcs;
f. At least 12 operators need to be saved compared with the original welding line;
g. Compared with the original welding line, the production efficiency needs to be increased by 30%.

According to customer requirements, conventional projection welding machines and design ideas cannot be realized at all, what should I do?

3. According to customer needs, research and develop customized microwave oven automatic spot welding machine production line
According to various requirements put forward by customers, the company’s R&D department, welding technology department, and sales department jointly held a new project research and development meeting to discuss technology, fixtures, structures, positioning methods, assembly methods, loading and unloading methods, configurations, and list key risks. Points and solutions were made one by one, and the basic direction and technical details were determined as follows:

a. According to the above requirements, we have basically determined the plan, the whole line is automatically loaded and unloaded, and the whole line is robot-operated and welded. Only 2 people are required to operate online, and artificial intelligence has basically been realized, and the following sequence of procedures has been made:
Welding process sequence
Welding process sequence

b. Equipment selection and fixture customization: According to the workpiece and size provided by the customer, our welding technicians and R&D engineers will discuss together and optimize and select different models based on the original LG based on different product parts and welding requirements. : ADR-8000, ADR-10000, ADR-12000, ADR-15000, and customize different welding positioning fixtures according to each product design to ensure welding accuracy and strength, and ensure welding quality;

c. Advantages of automatic welding line:

1) Welding power supply: The welding power supply adopts energy storage power supply, the welding time is extremely short, the impact on the surface of the workpiece is small, the welding current is large, and multiple points can be welded at one time, ensuring the smoothness of the workpiece after welding;
2) Welding electrode: beryllium copper welding electrode is used, which has good strength and good welding wear resistance;
3) Stability of equipment: The equipment adopts all imported configurations of core components, and the control system independently developed by our company, network bus control, fault self-diagnosis, and the use of handling robots ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment;
4) Save labor costs and solve the problem of poor management of personnel: the original production line required 14 personnel, but now only 2 personnel are required to operate it, and the rest are all operated by robots, saving the labor cost of 12 personnel;
5) Improved production efficiency: Due to the assembly line operation of the equipment and the realization of artificial intelligence, the welding efficiency of the whole line has increased by 40% compared with the original standard machine operation, and the beat of 13S/pcs has been realized. See the detailed operation layout of the assembly line as follows:
Welding arrangement
Welding arrangement

Agera fully discussed the above technical solutions and details with LG, and signed the “Technical Agreement” after the two parties reached an agreement, which was used as the standard for equipment R&D, design, manufacturing, and acceptance, because our professional technology and meticulous service moved customers. On September 15, 2018, an order agreement was reached with LG.

4. Rapid design, on-time delivery, and professional after-sales service have won praise from customers!
After confirming the equipment technology agreement and signing the contract, the delivery time of 50 days is indeed very tight. The project manager of Agera held the production project kick-off meeting as soon as possible, and determined the mechanical design, electrical design, mechanical processing, purchased parts, assembly, connection, etc. Adjust the time node and the customer’s pre-acceptance, rectification, general inspection and delivery time, and orderly dispatch the work orders of each department through the ERP system, and supervise and follow up the work progress of each department.
In the past 50 days, the production line of LG customized microwave oven shell automatic spot welding machine has finally completed the aging test. Our professional after-sales service has gone through 15 days of installation and commissioning and technical, operation and maintenance training at the customer site, and the equipment has been put into production normally. And all have reached the customer’s acceptance standard.
LG is very satisfied with the actual production and welding effect of the microwave oven shell automatic spot welding machine production line, which has helped them improve production efficiency, save 12 manpower, and greatly reduce downtime, which has been fully affirmed and recognized by them!

5. Meeting your customization requirements is Agera’s growth mission!
Customers are our mentors, what material do you need to weld? What welding process do you need? What welding requirements? Need fully automatic, semi-automatic, or assembly line? Please feel free to ask, Agera can “develop and customize” for you.

Post time: Feb-22-2023