Introduction of automatic spot welding line for industrial air conditioner base plate

The automatic spot welding production line for the bottom plate of the air conditioner external unit is a fully automatic spot welding production line customized by Suzhou Agera for welding the bottom plate of the air conditioner and the hanging ears. The line only needs 2 people online, reducing 12 manpower, and basically realizing artificial intelligence for customers.

1. Customer background and pain points

KK Company is engaged in the manufacture of white goods. It is a local benchmark manufacturer and has long been supplying manufacturing and processing parts to Midea, Greece, Haier and other leading home appliances. The welding of the mounting lugs of the bottom plate of the existing air conditioner external unit, the welding of the existing equipment encounters the following problems:
a. The welding efficiency is extremely low: each workpiece has 4 welding positions, and it is difficult to locate manually. The relative position of each point is required to be no more than 1mm, and the assembly is difficult.
b. Welding stability: The workpiece itself is galvanized, which improves the welding stability to a higher level. Workers need to spend time to ensure the consistency of welding conditions, which affects the welding beat.
c. The appearance of the fastness is not up to standard: After the workpiece is welded, it needs to be installed and fixed on the outside. The entire bearing weight needs to be guaranteed by the welding position. There are certain requirements for the fastness of the welding, and the quality of manual welding is unstable, and there are often false welds. , the fastness cannot be guaranteed.
The above three problems have always caused headaches for customers, and they cannot find a solution.

2. Customers have high requirements for equipment

KK found us online on August 1, 2019, discussed with our sales engineer and wanted to customize a welding machine with the following requirements:
a. The welding efficiency is required to be increased by 100% on the original basis;
b. The qualified rate of appearance should be increased by 70% on the original basis;
c. Solve the problem of welding instability;
d. The original operation required 14 people, but now it needs to be reduced to 4 people;
According to the requirements put forward by the customer, the existing standard spot welding machine cannot be realized at all, what should I do?

3. According to customer needs, develop and customize the automatic spot welding production line for the bottom plate of the air conditioner external unit
According to the various requirements put forward by customers, the company’s R&D department, welding technology department, and sales department jointly held a new project research and development meeting to discuss the process, fixture, structure, feeding method, configuration, list key risk points, and make one by one. The solution was determined, and the basic direction and technical details were determined as follows:
a. According to the above requirements, we have basically determined the plan, automatic loading and unloading of the whole line, automatic welding of the whole line, only 4 people are required to operate the whole line online, basically realized artificial intelligence, and made the following process sequence :
Welding process sequence
Photovoltaic galvanized tray sample

b. Workpiece proofing test: Anjia welding technologist made a simple fixture for proofing at the fastest speed, and used our existing intermediate frequency welding machine for proofing test. After 5 days of back-and-forth testing and pull-out testing by both parties, it is basically confirmed. Welding parameters;
b. Selection of power supply for welding machine: R&D engineers and welding technologists communicated together and calculated the power selection according to customer requirements, and finally confirmed it as the intermediate frequency power supply of ADB-160*2;
d. The stability of the welding line: our company adopts all “imported configuration” of core components;

e. Advantages of automatic welding line:
1) Realize fully automatic welding, reduce labor and ensure welding stability: this welding line is used for fully automatic welding of air conditioner bottom plate and mounting ears, adopts automatic conveying mechanism, and is configured as intermediate frequency power supply to weld both sides of the bracket at the same time; air conditioner bottom plate adopts robot It is automatically picked up from the upper material bin, and then transported to the welding station. The hanging lugs on both sides are automatically pushed to the station by a vibrating plate, and then the welding is started. After the welding is completed, the workpiece is transported to the unloading station, and the robot grabs and places it. To the lower silo, there is no need for personnel to intervene in the middle, which reduces the welding instability caused by human factors, ensures the welding quality, reduces labor, and realizes the welding that originally required 14 people. Now only 2 people are needed in the whole process, reducing 12 manpower;
2) Technological innovation, fastness and appearance all up to standard, energy saving: According to the welding particularity of galvanized sheet, Agera process engineers passed various tests, and finally changed the original welding process, and adopted a new special process for galvanized sheet, we chose intermediate frequency Inverter power supply, short discharge time, fast climbing speed, and DC output make the production more stable and fast, and at the same time ensure the fastness and appearance of the products after welding. ;
3) High welding efficiency: the assembly line method is used to split the entire welding process, and the final beat positioning is 6 seconds for a workpiece, and the efficiency is increased by 200% on the original basis.

f. Delivery time: 60 working days.
Agera discussed the above technical solutions and details with KK. Finally, the two parties reached an agreement and signed a “Technical Agreement” as the standard for equipment R&D, design, manufacturing, and acceptance. On March 12, an order agreement was reached with KK Company.

Automatic Spot Welding Production Line for Air Conditioner External Unit Bottom Plate Mounting Ears
Automatic Spot Welding Production Line for Air Conditioner External Unit Bottom Plate Mounting Ears

4. Rapid design, on-time delivery, and professional after-sales service have won praise from customers!
After confirming the equipment technology agreement and signing the contract, Agera’s project manager held the production project start-up meeting immediately, and determined the time nodes of mechanical design, electrical design, machining, purchased parts, assembly, joint debugging and customer’s pre-acceptance at the factory , rectification, general inspection and delivery time, and through the ERP system orderly dispatch work orders of each department, supervise and follow up the work progress of each department.
After 60 working days in a flash, the automatic spot welding production line of KK customized air-conditioning external unit bottom plate hanging ears has passed the aging test and completed. After our professional after-sales engineers have gone through 7 days of installation and commissioning and technical, operation and maintenance training at the customer site, The equipment has been put into production normally and has all reached the customer’s acceptance criteria.
KK company is very satisfied with the actual production and welding effect of the automatic spot welding production line of the bottom plate hanging lug of the air conditioner external unit. It helped them solve the welding quality problem, improve the welding efficiency, and save labor. It also gave us full affirmation and praise!

5. To meet your customization requirements is Agera’s growth mission!
Customers are our mentors, what material do you need to weld? What welding process do you need? What welding requirements? Need fully automatic, semi-automatic, or assembly line? Even if you raise it, Agera can “develop and customize” for you.

Post time: Feb-22-2023